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__ Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dear Principal, Complain on Temasek Polytechnic School Fee

lim bei ka li kong, you have charge me with unfair school fee. Lim bei bo join any student union wat 4 charge me wif student union fee! KNN... i attachment outside still charge me internet access fee,ke si ar! Yio siew, u think lim bei rich ar! KNN i work till siao also jus barely make it. Still retain me for 1 sem. u think everyone makin $$ like u all ar. Kaoz... Econ bad leh... still dun gif discount stay for 3 years liao, discount a bit cannot ar. Ge Gao! i go buy food for 2 weeks auntie oso charge less, somemore i study TP 3 years liao still no rebate. still wan me to pay extra $$. KNN, next time u try ppl overcharge u lar.

Wa lao eh, last time tt indian principal let us play dai dee in school, u now come liao then cannot play. wat freakin problem u have!!! u cant win in dai dee also cant stop us from playin wat. All work n no play make us dumb students k! u read so much still dunno ar. wat kinda of a freakin principal r u! u think u big ar! ur size big onli. do nuttin n earn so much! na bei take my school fee go play mahjong issit! kaoz, pay so much but facilities still so bad. canteen no air con, so many birds fly here, fly there. U think funny issit!

swimmin pool so small, somemore no lady life guard. and the dance studio no ppl dancin air con still on, u think air con bill u pay one ar! waste my money on unuse air con! somemore the sports facilities oso lao ya one, basketball bo hong, squash ball buay tiao. na bei, u think funny issit!
I oso wanna tok bout the lab ar, KNN build more lab lar! free access always full. and we use to have a set of equipment each for lab but now 2 person share 1. u sell the rest issit! earn profit still raise school fee! u outside earn so much then still kapok our school fee. Ke si ar! u so good then go SP lar.SP big school and more students, u can exploit them wat. u think TP students hao qi fu ar! Burn ur car then u know. So rich ar, employ a security to 'protect' ur car somemore still got 1 video cam. u think u drive sports car or Limo?! u car onli Nissan Sunny, act machiam like very high class like tt. Ppl drive Benz oso park outside ar.

All Poly got fast food except TP, u go build 1 fast food resturantlar...damn pai seh u noe, ppl always make fun TP no fast food. Carona oso bo yong... u keep so many Kois for wat, u think our school fee for u to buy Kois ar!

i hope that u charge less (better if no need pay school fee).Otherwise undesirable action will be taken against you and your damn car!.

from a very buay song student, T0uy@ Akr@

shihui (:

__ Saturday, January 12, 2008

School started and the blog died...so i thought of posting something up!
A friend of mine recommended this video to me...

I had problems embedding the video so here's the link:
If you still can open, search for Ahmed the terrorist...it is funnyshitt!


love mairahh (:

__ Friday, December 28, 2007

Have u guys seen the time table?
Its out.. http://www.tpjc.net/timetable/?cg=07S06
We go home no earlier than 2.30 everyday except fri.
So many 3 periods of lectures n GP lessons. Can someone pls lend me his/her locker to keep a pillow and winter wear in there?

-The freaked out IUHIHS

__ Tuesday, December 25, 2007

o my god guys! i saw this on tv yesterday and must show you guys. super funny. listen out for the lyrics. its a christmas song but an unconventional one! and i swear janice dickinson rocks! ahahaha.






__ Wednesday, December 12, 2007

o man. remember i told you guys one block got red walls at the back of the class? guess what. today i went school i saw another block with yellow walls at the back! our school is going to be colourful! hahaha. but since the outside is bright yellow, you bimbos and himbos might want to bring shades on your first day yea. can't wait to see you guys again! and someone's birthday is arnd the corner.


__ Sunday, December 9, 2007

hey my precious bebbehs! (:
gosh, i feel that i've been wasting my holidays away! everyone, please wake up early and do something with your life, go and enjoy! while it still lasts! i mean the holidays!! (: just relax and take it easy! i love MIKA and his hair!

i love this baby too! if only life can be as simple as this baby laughing! anyways, enjoy!

Giggling Baby is Comedians Dream Audience - Watch more free videos

Mae loves all of you!